What is 5SC?

The 5 Sentence Challenge is very similar to the 100 Word Challenge (see ‘What is the 100WC?’).

It is a FREE fortnightly creative writing challenge for children under 16 but it is aimed at the younger end or those students who are emerging writers.This makes it ideal for EAL students.  The prompts are thematic and the link is open for two weeks giving more time for discussion and posting. The children should create 5 sentences about the theme. These can be as a list of 5 or as a piece of prose. This should be posted on a class blog and then linked to the 5 Sentence Challenge blog.

As with the 100WC, it is important to make sure you link the URL of the individual post and not the class blog. That way, commentators can see all the entries.

One of the special things about the challenges is that those entering a piece are encouraged to visit other blogs and leave a constructive comment. Peer ‘talking’ to peer is very powerful and we have seen a real improvement in some writing that has come from suggestions from other children. It also provides another teaching point for teachers to show children how to comment constructively. Even young children get a delight in visiting other posts and giving their views, constructively of course!

Above all, it will get your pupils inspired to write and give them an audience for their but above it is fun! Do join now 

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for themes please get in touch via [email protected]