Prompt #4

Welcome to all our new writers!

It was lovely to see so many new classes join 5 Sentence Challenge last time. I do hope you will visit each other and leave some supportive comments.

Global links

If you would like to link up more officially, do fill out THIS FORM (new for this year!) and I will link you up

Special mentions

If you read a great post, do send me the ID number and I will give it a special mention on Twitter and on the next prompt. We may even award a certificate!

Setting the prompt

Do you think your class would like to set the prompt one week? What do they like to write about? what sort of genre would you like them to think about?

Just get in touch and we’ll get it sorted!

Latest prompt

The prompt this week takes place in a pottery. You can see lots of sculptures, shapes and designs.

When you are writing, try asking your reader a question or two. you might like to use – what, how, or where.


The form will close at 23.45 UK time on the 11th November. 

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Prompt #3 ’18


 We still need lots more posts on this super challenge so that you can share your great work. I hope this time, more of you will take part.


Come and meet Pie Corbett

We have started an educational chat over on Twitter on Wednesday evenings at 9pm UK time. We talk about all sorts of things connected to writing as well as ways to encourage writing in classrooms.

On 18th October, we will have the pleasure of ‘interviewing Pie Corbett of ‘Talk for Writing’ fame so do send over your questions for him. Do join us every Wednesday at 9pm. Just follow #100wcCHAT


Latest prompt

Yiou may think this is a rather strange picture as we had autumn last time! Well, some of you in the southern hemisphere are getting ready for your summer holidays and those of us in the northern part of the world will soon have a short break. So, we are going aboard the seaside train.

Although the weather here is the UK may not be as warm as it is in the picture, you may be going on trains to the seaside!

Things to consider:

  • Remember those full stops and capital letters.
  • Try to make your sentences a little longer using ‘and’ and ‘because’.
  • Don’t forget to use lots of adjectives to describe the colourful scene.

The form will close at 23.45 UK time on 28th October

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Prompt #2 ’18

The seasons are changing!

Here in the northern hemisphere, we have just celebrated the autumn equinox, when we move from summer to autumn. I love autumn when the leaves all change colour and the mornings are crisp with a nip in the air. For those of you in the southern hemisphere, you have had the vernal equinox which moves from winter to spring. I find these differences fascinating!

Please check your newsletters. They may be in the spam box!


We really need to get a showcase going for these great posts. Just send me the ID number and name and I’ll pop them on here.


Latest prompt

You won’t be surprised to see what the prompt is this time!

Let’s see what great words you can use to describe autumn. Let’s also see if we can use some connectives to make our sentences longer.

The form will close on 7th October at 23.45 UK time

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Prompt #1 ’18

Welcome back, everyone!

I hope you had a super holiday and have come back to school all ready to get writing!

While you have been away, there have been some exciting things happening at 100WC HQ which you will discover as we get into the year.

Showcase news

Do you like getting certificates to celebrate your work? Do you like people congratulating you? I know the answer is YES so let’s get some nominations for the showcase.All you have to do is to send me the ID number and the name of any posts you would like to put forward and I’ll do the rest!

Are you on Twitter?

A brand new education chat has been set up on Wednesdays over on Twitter. It is called #100wcCHAT and talks about all sorts of things connected to writing. Included is the chance to discuss with other teachers how they approached the prompt so do join us at 9pm UK time and have your say. There is also a new Twitter account for you to follow @100wcCHAT1. Just look for the tag #100wcCHAT

Latest prompt

We start the year with a summery picture!

Things to talk about:

  • There are lots of people in this picture. Who are they?
  • How old are they?
  • What is their relationship?
  • What time in history might this be?
  • What else can you see?

The focus for this prompt is to make sure you have remembered you full stops and capital letters!

The form will close on 23rd Sept. at 23.45 UK time



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Prompt #16

Last of this year!

This challenge will be taking a break over the rest of July and August.

Thank you so much for all your support over these past months and i look forward to catching up with you all in September.

100 Word Challenge will be continuing as our southern hemisphere colleagues will be hard at work, battling winter!


Last prompt

The form will close at 23.45 BST on 15th July

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Prompt #15

National Writing Day 21st June!

The first National Writing Day will take place on 21st June. Watch out for all the celebrations in the press and on television!

Do send me any photos of your class working on their 5SC posts to celebrate!


The last prompt had a short time scale which might be why only one school entered. As I haven’t received any nominations, I am selecting the following posts for the showcase this time.

Albie in Yr.2 At Westwood with Iford Primary School, Wilts, UK

Eleanor in Yr.1 at Westwood with Iford Primary, Wilts, UK

Dylan in Yr.1 at Westwood with Iford Primary, Wilts, UK

Daisy in Yr.2 at Westwood with Iford Primary, Wilts, UK

Well done everyone! 

Latest prompt

Here is the latest prompt.

As you can see it has a holiday feel to it!

The form will close at 23.45 GMT on 1st July

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Prompt #14

Short and Sweet!

As schools are on holiday this week, I’m just posting a prompt in case you get the chance to look at it when you get back.

It is a picture of a garden centre. Have you been to one recently to buy flowers for your garden?

The form will close on 23.45 GMT on 10th June

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Prompt #13

Welcome new classes!

I seem to say that every time recently but it is so good to see new young writers joining 5 Sentence Challenge!

Spreading the word!

I know lots of you use social media, either as a school, class or individual. I like to use the various platforms to share the prompt and advertise your posts so do let me know where I can find you by filling out this form HERE

Set the prompt!

How would you like to set the prompt for 5SC one week? Just send me your idea to the usual place and I’ll pop it into the schedule with lots of advertising for your class!

Emerging writers

Just to remind you that 5 Sentence Challenge is for EMERGING writers. That means that post could come from young writers or from students learning English.

Latest prompt

This time we are going to write about something that I think everyone LOVES!


Your sentences can be about anything but here are some ideas:

  • What does it taste like?
  • Which type is your favourite?
  • Where is the best place to eat it?
  • How often do you eat it?

The form will close at 23.45 GMT on 27th May

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Prompt #12

Fancy being in the showcase?

Over on 100 Word Challenge, we ran a competition to have posts read by the Ohbot, Peaky. He went into near space and read the winning entries from his competition. You can HEAR them HERE

Now, they came from the showcase that is published every week. If you are nominated, you get a certificate to keep and a badge for your blog. Please send me any suggestions from this prompt for posts you would like to be showcased!

Latest prompt

We have a great picture for you to write about this time. Many of you love to cook I know and what better person to help than your grandma.

cooking with grandma

Things to think about:

  • What time of the year is it?
  • What day of the week?
  • Who are the children?
  • Who do the animals belong to? What else can you see beyond the kitchen?

The form will close on May 13th at 23.45 GMT

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Prompt #11

Welcome new classes!

It is so exciting to see new classes joining 5 Sentence Challenge! That means we have more chance to share our writing across the world!


I hope you all got your newsletter last time. The wonderful Ed has been working really hard to make sure you can all get into the prompt and link your posts. Do let me know if you have any problems and we’ll do our best to fix it quickly.

Do you tweet?

If you have a Twitter account, do let me have the ID and I can share your posts. Just fill out the form HERE 

Latest prompt

Here in the UK Spring is on its way. We didn’t have a really bad winter but it is great to know that warmer, brighter days are on their way. We have also just celebrated St Patrick’s Day and as we have so many schools in Ireland taking part in both challenges, the prompt this time is


The form will close at 11.45pm on 1st April

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