Prompt #13

Welcome to all our new writers!

It was so lovely to see so many new writers joining us on 5 Sentence Challenge this time. I hope you enjoy it & continue to share your work.

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Getting more comments

If you would like to get more visitors to your blogs, why not join a hub? That is 3 classes sharing your posts. Just fill out this form & I’ll get you connected! LINKS

Latest prompt

I have been spending time trying to get my garden looking nice for the summer so I have been visiting the garden centre quite a lot! I love all the colours & scents that are there & I do find it difficult to make a choice!

Take a look at the picture & choose some great things to write about.

The form will close at 23.45 UK time on 2nd June 2018

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Prompt #12 (18)

Welcome, all our new writers!

It was so good to see the new classes joining 5 Sentence Challenge last time. I hope you will enjoy this picture.

This time we are on the water with people taking boat trips!

The form will close at 23.45 UK time on 19th May

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Prompt #11 (18)

Many thanks to you all! 

Thank you to those of you who completed the short survey. As you can see, I have taken on board what you said & we are off again for the next term.

I will keep the posts short because all you need is the prompt & the form to link to. Do get in touch if you need anything else!

Latest prompt

Another lovely picture that I have done as a jigsaw puzzle.

You could very easily tell a story with this one. I know some of your pupils have been doing 5 Sentence for a while now & would be well up for a story. Single sentences are fine too of course!


The form will close at 23.45 UK time on 5th May

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Prompt #10 ’18

All systems are go!

Massive apologies for the mix up with Prompt#9. Hopefully, the gremlins have now gone.

Latest prompt

For the prompt this time, you are going to France! This photograph was taken at the harbour in Honfleur. Have any of you been there?

Well, there is a great deal going on for you to choose your 5 sentences.


The form will close at 23.45 UK Time on 10th March


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Prompt #9

Shall we set up Team 5SC?

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Showcase news

Unfortunately, I am still poorly as well as trying to fit in too much work so have not been able to select any showcase pieces. Perhaps, each class can nominate a post? Just send me the ID number & name.

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Latest prompt

The picture for this week came from a jigsaw puzzle that I did recently. It was called ‘Grandad’s Workshop’. There are lots of things to see. You might like to think about the smells that there might be around as well as some of the things that could be made or mended.

5 Sentence Challenge

The form will close at 23.45 UK time on 24th February

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Prompt #8

Making new friends

Showcase news

Ryan in Yr.6 at Ribble DriveSchool, Bury, UK

Puneet in Grade 3 at Prairie Waters Elementary, Chestermere, Canada

Isaac in Yr.2 at Kings Monkton School, Cardiff, UK

Max in Kindergarten at Holy Name Primary, NSW, Australia

Do send me your suggestions for the showcase. You just need to give me the ID number and name. Do get in touch for your certificate and blog badge.

Latest prompt

This time I want you to imagine what these new friends are saying to each other. What things would they be chatting about? As usual, choose your best 5 sentences.

Creative writing for emerging writers

The form will close at 23.45 UK time on 3rd February

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Prompt #7

Welcome to 2018!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and are now ready for another fabulous year of writing!


Showcase News

I hope you all visit each other’s posts and leave a supportive comment. Do send me any nominations for the showcase. All I need is the name & the ID number that is on the 2nd column in. It is so motivating to send out winners certificates.


Latest prompt

Did you get a book for Christmas? What are your favourite stories? Do you have a special author you really like? What is the book your teacher is reading to the class?

All these questions can get you thinking about your sentences this week. Of course, you could just describe the picture!

The form will close at 23.45 UK time on 20th January 2018

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Prompt #6

The last of the year!

This is the last prompt of 2017 for 5 Sentence Challenge. We will start again on 7th January 2018!

Setting the prompt

Would your class like to set the prompt one week? Do get in touch with your ideas [email protected]

A little showcase

As you know, I’m always trying to get some nominations for a showcase for 5SC. This time, 4 posts have been selected. If your post is here, please get in touch to get a blog badge and certificate!

James in Yr.2 at Kings Monkton, Cardiff, UK

Chloe in Yr.2 at Eggbuckland Vale, Plymouth, Devon, UK

Charlotte in Yr.3 at Sage Homeschool, Ontario, Canada

Leo in Jellyfish Class at Eggbuckland Vale School, Devon, UK

Well done all of you who took part. There were some great sentences in the 24 posts linked!

Last prompt of the year

Apologies to those of you in the middle of your summer but we are all heading for Christmas so I thought this picture would help you get into the spirit!

5 Sentence Challenge

The form will close at 23.45 UK time on 9th December

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Prompt #5 ’18

Latest prompt

For the prompt this time, we are going back into history. You will see from what the characters are wearing that the picture is not set in the present day. You could try writing your sentences in the past tense.

Things to think about:

  • What era is this picture showing?
  • What are some of the occupations you can see?
  • If you were there, which activity would you like to choose?
  • what is different here to the present day?


The form will close at 23.45 UK time on 25th November

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