Using the prompts

Thought I would pass on how I use the prompts for 5SC.

My writing focus with my Year 2 children this year is to become “Assessment Capable Learners”  so I have been using entries from children all over the world, as exemplar writing samples.

I print off different entries and have the children diamond rank them – but they must have to explain (Blooms Higher Order thinking skills)  They then co-construct Success Criteria based on all the samples.  Sometimes as simple as…

  1. Capital letters
  2. Fullstops
  3. 5 Sentences
  4. Adjectives
  5. Capital letters on proper nouns
  6. Adverbs

I have found this very powerful as my more able writers are often able to suggest how the children could improve their writing, my less able writers are able to see why an entry is a successful piece of writing.  Sometimes we have co-constructed feedback (Dylan Williams would love this) and have added this as a comment on the child’s entry.

The success criteria that we have then developed by looking at a range of entries, is then put into children’s contact books, or added to my 5SC page on my blog as reminder when children do the challenge themselves at home, or displayed in class as part of my writing corner.

I hope this feedback helps?


Andy Parkin

Head of Curriculum Year 2

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We generally do the 5SC on a 2 week cycle. On the first Monday after the new prompt, we discuss ideas as a whole class. We write sentences on whiteboards in pairs as it’s a great opportunity to practice sentence construction. We might also focus on improving sentences, changing them to compound sentences etc. The next Monday the students write their 5 sentences. They have about 30-45 minutes. I work with a small group that need support, but the ideas are all their own. Only those students who finish their 5 sentences in the time given are allowed to read them to the class. It’s amazing to see the progress from the beginning of the year when only half the class could finish their sentences, to now everyone can and half the class have moved on to the 100WC. The students read their 5 sentences to the class and then we vote on our two favourite, plus a teachers choice. I always mark the sentences with the students and then I type them up on our class blog. When comments come in I read them out and show them on our activboard. Unfortunately it’s still a bit hit and miss whether all our entries get comments. I think the last one we entered (prompt 1) we got one comment out of 3 entries for the 5SC and 2 out 3 for the 100WC entries. The students really enjoy seeing the comments and we celebrate the positive feedback they get as a class.
Thank you for everything you do with organising this fabulous resource. I harp on about it all the time at our staff meetings when we’re moderating writing and discussing ways of improving student achievement in writing.  We’re on holidays at the moment so we’ll be entering again once we’re back!
Sarah Burnett, Upper Harbour Primary School, Auckland, NZ