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Welcome to the 5 Sentence Challenge! This is a weekly challenge for EMERGING WRITERS only. It is where they can practice their creative writing with an extended audience. Please read ‘How to enter the challenges’ before you start. If the pieces are not linked correctly, our young writers will not get any comments 🙁

The first prompt of this year is this picture. Have a good look at it and see all the things that are happening. Make your sentences as exciting as possible and don;’t forget the full stops and capital letters!

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Prompt #18

Well, we had all manner of treasure last time! Well done everyone! Here are the posts for the showcase. Don’t forget, if your name is here and you would like a Special Showcase badge, just get in touch!

Tru in Year 2 at Pinehill School, Auckland, New Zealand

Niamh in Yr.2 at Brunswick House, Kent, UK

Poppy in Yr.2 at St Michael’s School, Braintree, Essex, UK

Emily in Yr.1 at Bedford Methodist Primary School, Bedford, UK

Charley in Yr.3 at Cornist Park Primary, Flintshire, Wales

Rajsri in Yr.2 at Kings Monkton School, Cardiff

This time we have a picture. There is a great deal going on in it with some clues about when it might be! Please remember that 5 Sentence Challenge is for new writers who are just beginning their writing journey. If you have children who are quite proficient do get them to have a go at 100 word Challenge (


The link will stay open until 3rd July when we will be posting the final prompt of this academic year.

Do get in touch if you have any questions or comments!

Prompt #5

 I do hope you are all enjoying this new blog. Do make sure you have filled out the SURVEY because I need to know your views!

There were some super sentences last time. Here are just a few for you to re-visit!

********** SHOWCASE #4 **********

Noah in Yr.1 at High Lawn Primary, Bolton, UK

Max in Yr.1 at Shenfield Primary 

Emily in Yr.3 at Snowsfields Primary, London

Roshan in Yr.1 at Kings Monkton

Carly in Yr.2 at Bangkok Patana International School, Thailand


This time you have another picture. Look carefully and decide what you are going to write about:-

You are going to write 5 sentences so remember those capital letters at the beginning and full stops at the end. If you are new here do read ‘What is 5SC?’ and the tabs at the top. If you have anymore questions please leave a comment below.

The link will be open until  9pm (GMT) 28th November