IMPORTANT                                                                                                                 Please try to find someone to join the commenting team. They are given a set of 10 consecutive numbers to comment on over the 2 weeks. Do get in touch!

Well done to those of you who have been chosen for this showcase. If you would like a Special Showcase badge.

Isla in KS1 at Northburn School, Cramilngton, UK

Evie in Yr.2 at Markland Hill School, Bolton, UK 

Gabriel in 1st class at St Joseph’s School, Kinvara, Co Galway

Gethin in Yr.1 at Kings Monkton School, Cardiff, Wales

Bethany in Yr.2 at Pinehill School, Auckland, NZ

Tomas in Room 2 at Sumner, NZ

Ziad in Yr.2 at St Silas School, Liverpool, UK

Aoibihin in 2nd grade at St Joseph’s School, Kinavar, Co Galway

Brooke in Yr.2 at Osbaldwick Primary, York, UK  

Cali in Yr.2 at Herford Infants, Brighton, UK    

The prompt this time is about an event that we celebrate here in the UK but I know happens in other parts of the world. It is:

…The Firework Display…

This will give you the chance to think of lots of super words about colours and noise!Do make sure  your five sentences all have a capital letter to start and a full stop at the end. I know some of you like to make your sentences into a story so I’m hoping to read some ‘sparklers’!

The link will close on Wednesday 13th November