Prompt #10

Note for Teachers! If you think you have a good prompt for 5SC do let me know. It would be good to involve more of you in the challenge!

What an amazing selection of entries for the last prompt. There were 270!! Team5SC will get to commenting as soon as possible. with so many to choose from, it made the showcase even more difficult!

********** PROMPT #9 SHOWCASE *********

Lily in Yr.1/2 at Ranby House, Notts, UK

Shannel in Yr.2 at Galley Hill Primary, Hertfordshire, UK

Erin in Yr.2 at Winchester House, Northamptonshire, UK

Finn in Yr.2 at Shenfield St Mary’s, Essex, UK

Aidan in P3 at Dunipace Primary, Falkirk, Scotland

Jodie in Yr.2 at Brunswick House, Maidstone, Kent, UK

Maddy in Yr.2 at Shenfield St Mary’s, Essex, UK

Maisy in Yr.1/2 at Ranby House, Nottinghamshire,UK


The prompt this time is:

…My Favourite Day of the Week…

You can use the name of the day as your title. Have a good think about what happens on each day. Maybe you go to a school club, or visit someone or have something delicious to eat.As usual you have to write 5 sentences making sure you have put in those capital letters at the beginning and full stops at the end.

The link will stay open until 20th FebruaryIf you are unsure as to what this challenge is all about please read ‘What is 5SC?’