Prompt #10

Important Question!

Would you prefer to do 5 Sentence Challenge EVERY week rather than once a fortnight? Before you answer, please think about the comments to get and if you would be able to get comment weekly. I’m happy to set the prompt weekly but need to make sure it is what YOU want as this is YOUR challenge!

Would you like to set the prompt?

For those of you who have been doing 5SC for a while, you know the sort of prompts we use. Have you an idea for the next prompt? Have you a great picture we could use? Do get in touch if your class would like to set a prompt.

Getting comments

Over at 100 Word Challenge, we have launched Global Links. This is where classes are linked together to support each other and also find out about a school in another part of the world. If you would like to link with a school that takes part in 5SC, fill out the form HERE

We need lots more people supporting our young writers so do encourage parents, colleague, friends to get in touch to join Team 5SC.

Latest prompt

The latest prompt takes you outside! It is

… along the riverbank…

Things to talk about:

  • What might you see?
  • What colours are there?
  • Can you smell anything?
  • Can you hear anything?

This challenge is for two weeks and the form will close on 20th April

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Prompt #9

As it is World Book Day this week, we are using the same prompt as 100 Word Challenge! 


Meet Spica Warrior!

On March 4th we celebrate World Book Day when schools often let pupils dress up in their favourite book characters. Here on 100 Word Challenge, we want you to write about SUPER HEROES.

Now you may think SUPER HEROES are only found in comic books and magazines but I bet you know some. I certainly know lots and here is the story so far of one of them!

Lucas Trice is a Year 2 pupil at Burford School in Marlow Bottom and like his friends he loves football, LEGO and Minecraft. Unlike his friends, Lucas has a chronic condition called developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH). To date Lucas has had four major operations and faced months of recovery in a bid to create a stable hip socket and prevent disability and pain in later life. Whilst thousands of children around the world are diagnosed with DDH each year, there is very little information or support for parents, so Lucas’ mum has written a book called ‘Cast Life’ to help empower them on their journey which has gone global since it launched in October. She also set up a charity called ‘Spica Warrior’ which helps provide information to other families and they have already raised over £1000 and connect with people all over the world. 

The challenge this time is in two parts:

Part One – visit the Spica Warrior site and find out more about this condition. You may have children in your school who suffer from the same thing. If you can make a donation – that would be wonderful!

Part Two – write your 5 sentences on a Super Hero. It can be someone you know, a character you have read about or someone you have invented!

The form will close on 9th March

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Prompt #8

Welcome to the new look 5SC!

If you take part in 100WC, you will see that you now link in the same way. Do take a look at ‘How to post on 5SC’ to help you.

Please make sure you visit other posts and leave a supportive comment. Our emerging writers need lots of support and encouragement!

The prompt this time is :

Going shopping on a rainy day

Some things to think about:

  • what shops are you going to?
  • How wet is the weather?
  • What will you have to wear?
  • What will it feel like?
  • What do you buy?

The form will close on 24th February

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Prompt #7 - Glitter Graphics

Welcome to a new year of 5 Sentence Challenge!

I hope you had a lovely holiday and are now ready to share your writing. This week we have a colourful picture.

5 Sentence Challenge

  • Look closely at the picture and think about all the colours you can see.
  • What is there in this picture apart from boats?
  • What sort of boats do you think they are?


Do try to support each other by visiting posts and leaving a comment. Tell the author how much you enjoyed they work and if you can, give some positive suggestions for improvements.

The link will be open until 20th January

REMEMBER this challenge is for EMERGING writers only!

Prompt #6

Important news!

This will be the last prompt for 2015! The next one will be published on 7th January


As we only had 6 entries last time, there are no recommendations for the showcase for Prompt#5 but we do have one for Prompt#4

Charlotte in Year 2 at Markland Hill School, UK

Well done Charlotte and do remember everyone to send me over your recommendations!

Latest prompt

Of course, it is nearly Christmas and all across the world people will be celebrating time with friends and family. I’m sure you don’t need any help with ideas for your writing about this time of year but here is a lovely picture to help.

5SC Prompt #6

The linky will close on 16th December

Have a wonderful holiday and I’ll see you back here in 2016!

Prompt #5

Send me your recommendations for the showcase!

What a wonderful response we had to our last prompt. Do make sure you visit and leave a supportive comment! If you find one that is really special, send me the details and I’ll put it on the next showcase. Those listed will have a badge and certificate.


Latest prompt

This time we have a photo. It is of a sculpture that you can see in the grounds of Tewkesbury Abbey.

Children talkingI want you to look really closely at the children. What do you notice? Are they playing a game? What might they be saying to each other?

Take great care with your sentences and make sure they have a full stop and a capital letter. I’ll let you decide where they go!

The link will close on Wednesday 2nd December

Prompt #4


5SC fireworks

I wonder if you can guess what the prompt is for this time?

Yes, it is FIREWORKS!

  • Think about all the colours as they soar into the sky.
  • What noise do they make?
  • What can you smell in the air as they smoke and sizzle?

Plan out what you want to put into your sentences this time. You can even add a picture if you want to illustrate your writing.

Note to teachers

Please make sure you leave some comments on the posts. The children do really benefit from reading them. also, do let me have the URL of any that you feel should go in the showcase. There is a certificate and badge to be won by those chosen.

The link will close on 18th November so plenty of time to get some great sentences written!

Prompt #3

These writers have been chosen to have their Prompt #2 work celebrated again by being on the showcase! Well done everyone!

Najma at the Cedars Primary, London, UK

Lennon at the Cedars Primary School, London, UK

We didn’t have many entries last time so I hope more of you will take part for this prompt. Do visit each other to leave a supportive comment. It makes such a difference

This time we have a busy picture. Take time to look closely and see what you want to write about

Boating lake

If you are new here and are not sure how to link your entries, check out the screen shots HERE

The link will close on 4th November


Well done everyone who posted an entry last time! We had some super sentences and I have chosen these for the showcase. If your name is here do get in touch with me for a badge and a certificate!

Oliver in Yr.1 at Brunswick House School, Kent UK

Elohim at The Cedars Primary School, London, UK

Emer at Burravoe School, Shetland Isles

Tia in Yr.1 at Brunswick House, Kent UK


Please leave a comment

Comments are what really encourages our young writers so please visit and leave some support for them.

Prompt #2

I love this time of year when the leaves change colour and the mornings feel crisp. We will soon be putting our clocks back so will have an extra hour in bed! The prompt this time is:


The link will be open until 14th Oct

Prompt #1


It seems like ages since we were all together sharing the 5 Sentence Challenge. This year it will look a little different but it is still on this site and has not moved like 100 Word Challenge.

Before you go any further please fill out the NEW Sign Up Form

The difference is in the way you link your posts. Hopefully these screen shots will explain it but do ask any questions you have either in the comments below or through the contact form.

1. Scroll to the bottom of the page & ‘Click to Enter’


2. This will take you to this page:


Name – christian name / nick name of writer

Post URL – not the blog but the post

3. Click ‘Enter’ and your post will appear of this page in the grid.

Now to the prompt.

Geese 5SC #1

Get the children to look really carefully at the picture to select the content of their 5 sentences. If this is your first visit and you are not sure what it is all about please read ‘What is 5SC?’ and do ask any questions you may have.

The link will close on 30th September which gives you 2 weeks to enter. It would be really wonderful if you could comment on some of the entries and find someone to help.