Prompt #6

####Last one of this year!####

The next prompt will be out in January!


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Latest prompt

This is the last 5 Sentence prompt this year and as it will be nearly Christmas when you finish, I have chosen a snowy scene. Apologies for those of you in warmer climes, about to break up for your summer holidays!

5SC Week#6

Look carefully at the scene to see what is going on. Some of your class may like to make up a story of some of the characters.

The form will close on 10th December

Remember – this challenge is for EMERGING writers!

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Prompt #5

 Take care with your links!

It is great to see more classes joining in with 5 Sentence Challenge but do make sure that your links allow anyone to read and comment on your pieces. It is so disappointing both for the visitor and the young writer.

Emerging writers here!

This challenge is for emerging writers. That may be young writers just beginning  their writing journey or it maybe students learning English who want to practice it in writing. If your student is on the way with writing do check 100 Word Challenge to see if that is more suitable.

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Latest prompt

Last week I had the pleasure of working with the children at Aveley Primary School. Year 2 really got stuck into the pet shop picture. for instance, did you realise that if the shopkeeper had fed the bulldog the biscuit, there might have been a riot from the other dogs!

If you would like a visit do get in touch!

5 Sentence Challenge

The prompt this time is a theme of something that is going on across the world at the moment. It is:


Think about the colours, the sounds, the smells! Do you like fireworks or are they frightening? What about animals when they are going off? Which is your favourite firework?

The form will close on 26th November 

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Prompt #4

Welcome new writers!

It was so good to see new writers to this challenge. The more posts we have, the more we can share your fabulous writing! Do try to visit each other and leave some supportive comments!

Send me showcase posts!

If you read a post that you feel should be shared do send me the ID number and name and I will put them on the showcase. If they are featured they will have a certificate and badge for the blog so send them over!

Join Team 5SC

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Latest prompt

This time we have a picture for you to look at.

5 Sentence Challenge

Make sure you think carefully of how to describe what you see. What do you feel? What will you smell? Is it a shop you would like to visit?

The form will close on 12th November

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Prompt #3

Exciting news!

From January, 100 Word Challenge will be moving to every two weeks, just like this challenge is. That means that there will be a word challenge EVERY week for you to look at.

This challenge is for EMERGING writers of course!

Newsletter mystery

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Latest prompt

This time the prompt is CHANGING SEASONS

Now depending where you are your season maybe:

  • autumn with the leaves changing colour
  • Spring with lots of flowers
  • the beginning of summer with hot weather arriving
  • almost winter with the cold.

Think about what it feels like when the seasons change. Do you have to wear different clothes? Do you eat different things? Do you do different activities?

The form will close on 29th October

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Week #2

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Latest prompt

The latest prompt for you to think about is this picture.

Look closely at all the things going on. what will you choose to write your 5 sentences about?

5 Sentence Challenge - week#2

Things to think about:

  • Look at the people. What jobs do they have?
  • What is in the sky?
  • What time in history is it?
  • What noises could you hear?
  • How would you feel if you were that boy?

The form will close on 15th October

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Week #1

On Tuesday 11th September we celebrate Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday!

free glitter text and family website at
Special Characters
He has brought pleasure to so many children with all his fabulous characters. We have the BFG (Big Friendly Giant), Matilda, George (with his medicine), Mr. and Mrs. Twit, James (with the peach), Charlie (at the Chocolate Factory), Fantastic Mr. Fox and many many others.


Special prompt

To celebrate this amazing man’s work, the prompt is a special one because you can choose what you write about. You can choose to be a character you like or you can choose to write about something magical.

Think carefully about your 5 sentences and make sure they have their full stops and captial letters.

How to Link this week

Unfortunately, we are not able to put a linking system up this week so do leave the links to your entries in the comments below. We will direct people to comment so do pop in and see what they have said!


#####Please read…####

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This prompt will close on 24th September 

Prompt #13

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New look blog

Do you like the new look here? We hope that it is keeping with its big brother 100 Word Challenge which you can find HERE

Don’t forget – this challenge is for EMERGING WRITERS ONLY


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Free blogs

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Latest prompt

This time we have a picture.

blue coach

Things to think about:

  • What can you see? Look closely!
  • Where is the bus going?
  • Who are the people getting on the bus?
  • What sort of place is this? A town, village, city?

The form will close on 15th June

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Prompt #12

Exciting news coming!

Over the summer holidays (if not sooner!) you will see some changes to 5 Sentence Challenge. We are hoping to make it more like it’s big sister 100 Word Challenge so do look out for the emails.

Getting comments

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Get a friend involved

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Latest prompt

Here in the UK, it looks like the summer is on its way. I know some of you are getting ready for the winter so take a break from the cold and write about this prompt:


The form will close on 1st June

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Prompt #11

Off to the Emerald Isle!

This week sees 100 Word Challenge off to Ireland visiting schools and presenting at a conference. I will be mentioning 5 Sentence Challenge as well!

Don’t forget

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Latest prompt

This time we have a  photograph for you to look at.


What do you think is on the table? Is it for a special purpose? What colours can you see? 

The form will close on 4th May

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