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After a dreadfully long time, due to some gremlins getting into the system 5 Sentence Challenge is back with you. Thew is the writing project for EMERGING writers, not those who are well on their writing journey.

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Here is a very busy picture. It is called ‘Cheese & Chutney’


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 ID Name School Location Link Edit Delete Year
3473JoshuaGood News Lutheran SchoolBrisbane, Australia 1
3472ChloeGood News Lutheran SchoolBrisbane, Australia 1
3471TylerWild RoseUSA!/item/item.d6f2ef9b-4554-4f9b-a79d-2d8260e030492
3470StevenWild RoseUSA!/item/item.30c51a55-f69a-4125-b99b-b970fb86f0992
3469RionnaWild RoseUSA!/item/item.e08a3578-b548-498d-93f6-90a3a8fa78bf2
3468BlakeWild Rose!/item/item.c0db08dd-6039-4f05-ad1f-52fccda5abd82
3467SahanaWild RoseUSA!/item/item.7b4c2658-9543-40e1-a69d-dba4b2c7726b2
 ID Name School Location Link Edit Delete Year

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