Prompt #4

Welcome to all our new writers!

It was lovely to see so many new classes join 5 Sentence Challenge last time. I do hope you will visit each other and leave some supportive comments.

Global links

If you would like to link up more officially, do fill out THIS FORM (new for this year!) and I will link you up

Special mentions

If you read a great post, do send me the ID number and I will give it a special mention on Twitter and on the next prompt. We may even award a certificate!

Setting the prompt

Do you think your class would like to set the prompt one week? What do they like to write about? what sort of genre would you like them to think about?

Just get in touch and we’ll get it sorted!

Latest prompt

The prompt this week takes place in a pottery. You can see lots of sculptures, shapes and designs.

When you are writing, try asking your reader a question or two. you might like to use – what, how, or where.


The form will close at 23.45 UK time on the 11th November. 

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 ID Name Year School Location LinkEditDelete
3121DekeYear 2Good News Lutheran SchoolBrisbane,
3122XavierYear 2Good News Lutheran SchoolBrisbane,
3123JoelYear 2Good News Lutheran SchoolBrisbane,
3124KobiYear 2Good News Lutheran SchoolBrisbane,
3125DavidYear 2Good News Lutheran SchoolBrisbane,
3126CharlotteYear 3Sage HomeschoolOntario,
3128ZyanaGrade 3Prairie Waters
3129RohanGrade 3Prairie Waters Elementary SchoolChestermere,
3130KaylaGrade 3Prairie Waters Elementary SchoolChestermere,
3131AlidaGrade 3Prairie Waters Elementary SchoolChestermere,
3135BritniGrade 3Prairie Waters Elementary SchoolChestermere,
3136ThaliaGrade 3Prairie Waters Elementary SchoolChestermere,
3137JessicaGrade 3Prairie Waters Elementary SchoolChestermere,
3138Max and ChloeYear 1Westwood with Iford Primary SchoolBradford on
3139May and BobbyYear 1/RWestwood with Iford Primary SchoolBradford on
3140Lily and IsabellaYear 1Westwood with Iford Primary SchoolBradford on
3141StanleyYear 1Westwood with Iford Primary SchoolBradford on
3142Bethan and MaylaYear 1/RWestwood with Iford Primary SchoolBradford on
3143Toby and BeauYear 1Westwood with Iford Primary SchoolBradford on
3148Lewis and AlbertYear 1/RWestwood with Iford Primary SchoolBradford on
3149Luke and EveYear 1/RWestwood with Iford Primary SchoolBradford on
3150George and SophieYear 1Westwood with Iford Primary SchoolBradford on
3153Fennd0132Lowther primary
3154smitb5222Lowher Primary
3155Freya2Bidston Avenue Primary SchoolWirral,
3156Max2Bidston Avenue Primary SchoolWirral,
3157Elvis2Bidston Avenue Primary SchoolWirral,
3158Isaac2Bidston Avenue Primary SchoolWirral,
3159RifgaYear 2Kings
3160IsaacYear 2Kings
3161MaxiYear 2Kings
3162JoshYear 2Kings
3166ReneemYear 2Kings
3167LaraYear 2Kings
3168HassonYear 2Kings
3170MorganYear 2Kings
3171ManrajGrade 3Prairie Waters Elementary SchoolChestermere,
3172EzekielGrade 3Prairie Waters Elementary SchoolChestermere,
3173XavierGrade 3Prairie Waters Elementary SchoolChestermere,
3176SoniaGrade 3Prairie Waters Elementary SchoolChestermere,
 ID Name Year School Location LinkEditDelete


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