Prompt #3 ’18


 We still need lots more posts on this super challenge so that you can share your great work. I hope this time, more of you will take part.


Come and meet Pie Corbett

We have started an educational chat over on Twitter on Wednesday evenings at 9pm UK time. We talk about all sorts of things connected to writing as well as ways to encourage writing in classrooms.

On 18th October, we will have the pleasure of ‘interviewing Pie Corbett of ‘Talk for Writing’ fame so do send over your questions for him. Do join us every Wednesday at 9pm. Just follow #100wcCHAT


Latest prompt

Yiou may think this is a rather strange picture as we had autumn last time! Well, some of you in the southern hemisphere are getting ready for your summer holidays and those of us in the northern part of the world will soon have a short break. So, we are going aboard the seaside train.

Although the weather here is the UK may not be as warm as it is in the picture, you may be going on trains to the seaside!

Things to consider:

  • Remember those full stops and capital letters.
  • Try to make your sentences a little longer using ‘and’ and ‘because’.
  • Don’t forget to use lots of adjectives to describe the colourful scene.

The form will close at 23.45 UK time on 28th October

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 ID Name Year School Location LinkEditDelete
3045May and Eve1/RWestwood with IfordWiltshire,
3046Lewis and Beau1Westwood with IfordWiltshire,
3047Stanley and Sophie1Westwood with IfordWiltshire,
3048Alice and Bobby1/RWestwood with IfordWiltshire,
3052Bethan and Ethan1/RWestwood with IfordWiltshire,
3053Hattie and Mayla1/RWestwood with IfordWiltshire,
3054Max and Evan1/RWestwood with IfordWiltshire,
3058Boo and Isabella1Westwood with IfordWiltshire,
3059George and Lawson1/RWestwood with IfordWiltshire,
3060Joshua, Toby and Lily1Westwood with IfordWiltshire,
3063JamesYear 2Kings
3064HassonYear 2Kings
3065MorganYear 2Kings
3066RifgaYear 2Kings
3067ReneemYear 2Kings
3068MaxiYear 2Kings
3069LaraYear 2Kings
3072HollieYear 4Bluestone SchoolTimaru,
3073Max and Bobby1/RWestwood with IfordWiltshire,
3074Lewis & Beau1Westwood with IfordWiltshire,
3075Josh and Evan1/RWestwood with IforddWiltshire,
3077Chloe and Mayla1/RWestwood ith IfordWiltshire,
3078May1Westwood with IfordWiltshire,
3079Alice and Albert1/RWestwood with IfordWiltshire,
3080AshleyGrade 3Prairie Waters ElementaryChestermere,
3081AlidaGrade 3Prairie Waters ElementaryChestermere,
3082BlaiseGrade 3Prairie Waters ElementaryChestermere,
3083DannyGrade 3Prairie Waters ElementaryChestermere,
3084ThaliaGrade 3Prairie Waters ElementaryChestermere,
3085KaylaGrade 3Prairie Waters ElementaryChestermere,
3088DavidYear 2Good News Lutheran SchoolBrisbane,
3089XavierYear 2Good News Lutheran SchoolBrisbane,
3090DekeYear 2Good News Lutheran SchoolBrisbane,
3092AlexisYear 4Bluestone SchoolTimaru,
3093AmyYear 4Bluestone SchoolTimaru,
3094AzariahYear 3Bluestone SchoolTimaru,
3095BlakeYear 3Bluestone SchoolTimaru,
3096ConorYear 4Bluestone SchoolTimaru,
3097CooperYear 4Bluestone SchoolTimaru,
3098DraimanYear 4Bluestone SchoolTimaru,
3099HarryYear 3Bluestone SchoolTimaru,
3100IsobelYear 4Bluestone SchoolTimaru,
3101LoganYear 3Bluestone SchoolTimaru,
3102LucasYear 3Bluestone SchoolTimaru,
3103MackenzieYear 4Bluestone SchoolTimaru,
3104MaverickYear 4Bluestone SchoolTimaru,
3105MaxieYear 3Bluestone SchoolTimaru,
3106ReganYear 3Bluestone SchoolTimaru,
3107Ruby NYear 3Bluestone SchoolTimaru,
3108Ruby SYear 3Bluestone SchoolTimaru,
3109RykenYear 4Bluestone SchoolTimaru,
3110SummerYear 4Bluestone SchoolTimaru,
3111TahliaYear 3Bluestone SchoolTimaru,
3112WilsonYear 3Bluestone SchoolTimaru,
3113XavierGrade 3Prairie Waters Elementary SchoolChestermere, Alberta,
3114JiyaGrade 3Prairie Waters Elementary SchoolChestermere, Alberta,
3116IsaacYear 2Kings
 ID Name Year School Location LinkEditDelete

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