Prompt #2 ’18

The seasons are changing!

Here in the northern hemisphere, we have just celebrated the autumn equinox, when we move from summer to autumn. I love autumn when the leaves all change colour and the mornings are crisp with a nip in the air. For those of you in the southern hemisphere, you have had the vernal equinox which moves from winter to spring. I find these differences fascinating!

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Let’s see what great words you can use to describe autumn. Let’s also see if we can use some connectives to make our sentences longer.

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3043Willow2Westwood with IfordWiltshire,
3042Stanley1Westwood with IfordWiltshire,
3038Hattie1Westwood with IfordWiltshire,
3037Alice and Bobby1Westwood with IfordWiltshire,
3036May and Evan1Westwood with IfordWiltshire,
3035Lewis and Maisy1Westwood with IfordWiltshire,
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