Prompt #1 ’18

Welcome back, everyone!

I hope you had a super holiday and have come back to school all ready to get writing!

While you have been away, there have been some exciting things happening at 100WC HQ which you will discover as we get into the year.

Showcase news

Do you like getting certificates to celebrate your work? Do you like people congratulating you? I know the answer is YES so let’s get some nominations for the showcase.All you have to do is to send me the ID number and the name of any posts you would like to put forward and I’ll do the rest!

Are you on Twitter?

A brand new education chat has been set up on Wednesdays over on Twitter. It is called #100wcCHAT and talks about all sorts of things connected to writing. Included is the chance to discuss with other teachers how they approached the prompt so do join us at 9pm UK time and have your say. There is also a new Twitter account for you to follow @100wcCHAT1. Just look for the tag #100wcCHAT

Latest prompt

We start the year with a summery picture!

Things to talk about:

  • There are lots of people in this picture. Who are they?
  • How old are they?
  • What is their relationship?
  • What time in history might this be?
  • What else can you see?

The focus for this prompt is to make sure you have remembered you full stops and capital letters!

The form will close on 23rd Sept. at 23.45 UK time



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 ID Name Year School Location LinkEditDelete
2974Alice3Westwood with IfordWilts,
2975Megan3Westwood with IfordWilts,
2976Heath2Westwood with IfordWilts,
2977Daisy3Westwood with IfordWilts,
2978Rowan2Westwood with IfordWilts,
2985Benedict3Westwood with IfordWilts,
2986Jacob2Westwood with IfordWilts,
2987Ben2Westwood with IfordWilts,
2992Wesley3Westwood with IfordWilts,
2993Eleanor2Westwood with IfordWilts,
2994Neve2Westwood with IfordWilts,
2998Ros2Westwood with IfordWiltshire,
2999Charlie2Westwood with IfordWiltshire,
3005SoniaGrade 3Prairie Waters Elementary
3006BlaiseGrade 3Prairie Waters ElementaryChestermere,
3007KaylaGrade 3Prairie Waters ElementaryChestermere,
3008VictoriaGrade 3Prairie Waters ElementaryChestermere,
3010AlidaGrade 3Prairie Waters ElementaryChestermere,
3011RohanGrade 3Prairie Waters ElementaryChestermere,
3012AdamGrade 3Prairie Waters ElementaryChestermere,
3018TinaYear FiveCJSCambridgeshire,
3019MorganYear 2Kings
3020IsaacYear 2Kings
3021ReneemYear 2Kings
3022HassonYear 2Kings
3023JamesYear 2Kings
3025MaxiYear 2Kings
3026LaraYear 2Kings
3027RifgaYear 2Kings
 ID Name Year School Location LinkEditDelete

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