Prompt #15

National Writing Day 21st June!

The first National Writing Day will take place on 21st June. Watch out for all the celebrations in the press and on television!

Do send me any photos of your class working on their 5SC posts to celebrate!


The last prompt had a short time scale which might be why only one school entered. As I haven’t received any nominations, I am selecting the following posts for the showcase this time.

Albie in Yr.2 At Westwood with Iford Primary School, Wilts, UK

Eleanor in Yr.1 at Westwood with Iford Primary, Wilts, UK

Dylan in Yr.1 at Westwood with Iford Primary, Wilts, UK

Daisy in Yr.2 at Westwood with Iford Primary, Wilts, UK

Well done everyone! 

Latest prompt

Here is the latest prompt.

As you can see it has a holiday feel to it!

The form will close at 23.45 GMT on 1st July

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 ID Name Year School Location LinkEditDelete
2958Jessica and Albie2Westwood with IfordWestwood,
2957Wesley and Heath1/2Westwood with IfordWestwood,
2956Ros and Angus1Westwood with IfordWestwood,
2955Millie and Megan2Westwood with IfordWestwood,
2954Emily and Daisy2Westwood with IfordWestwood,
2953Alice2Westwood with IfordWestwood,
2952Grace and Theo2Westwood with IfordWestwood,
2951Ben and Dylan1Westwood with IfordWestwood,
2950Ollie and Arlo2Westwood with IfordWestwood,
2949Benedict and Aarron2Westwood with IfordWestwood,
2948Neve and ChloeR/1Westwood with IfordWestwood,
2947Willow and MayR/1Westwood with IfordWestwood,
2946Alice and HattieReceptionWestwood with IfordWestwood,
2945Bethan and JoshReceptionWestwood with IfordWestwood,
2944Charlie and LukeR/1Westwood with IfordWestwood,
2943Isabella and SophieReceptionWestwood with IfordWestwood,
2942George and BeauReceptionWestwood with IfordWestwood,
2941Grace and StanleyR/1Westwood with IfordWestwood,
2940Rowan and Jacob1Westwood with IfordWestwood,
2939Harry, Boo and LilyR/1Westwood with IfordWestwood,
 ID Name Year School Location LinkEditDelete

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