Prompt #10

Back home again!

Huge apologies for not publishing this prompt earlier. Due to my trip to Hong Kong, New Zealand and Singapore I did not always have internet and this post slipped through my scheduling.

BUT, never mind. You have it now!


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As I have been visiting sunny climes, I thought a picture with lots of sunshine in it would be appropriate.

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2842Thaliayear 2Kings
2841Oliveryear 2Kings
2835Justin3rd gradeMaternity
2832Harry2Croppa Creek PSCroppa Creek,
2830LydiaYear 2Kings
2829AimeeYear 2Kings
2828ImogenYear 2Kings
2827RehaYear 2Kings
2826BadrYear 2Kings
2825IsabelleYear 2Kings
2824GeorgianaYear 2Kings
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One thought on “Prompt #10

  1. Jacob (from BVM Chicago) I love your sentences and the way you have compared things using similes. Flowers that smell as good as god must be amazing! The car does in deed look like it is waiting to be driven away on a vacation. Do you know we say ‘holiday’ in England instead? Could you use capital letters next time do you think? Fantastic work Jacob!

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