Prompt #8

Where are you all?

Welcome to another prompt everyone. I missed you last time šŸ™

Do let me know if you were having problems linking or if you need help with anything else!

Support for using the prompt

OverĀ on 100 Word Challenge this week is the suggestion that we share ideas of how to use the prompt. I have lots of ideas and would really like to share how I introduce it when I’m visiting schools. Although it is aimed at 100WC there would be lots of ideas for those of you who do 5SC so do let me know if you would be interested. The details are in the newsletter!

Showcase news

I really want to have a showcase for this writing challenge so once you have posted do visit each other, leave a comment and then send me the ID number (in the far left column) of any post you would like to nominate.

Latest prompt

ThisĀ time we have a very busy picture with lots in it to write about. The sentences do not need to make a story but by this time in the year (for UK schools) your pupils will be moving to writing stories so a picture like this is an ideal opportunity.

Writing challenge for emerging writers

This to talk about:

  • What has happened?
  • Has the lorry broken down?
  • Are the people all in the same family?
  • Who do the horses belong to?
  • Who lives in the house?
  • Are they in the picture?

The form will close at 11.45pm GMT onĀ 4th February


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 ID Name Year School Location LinkEditDelete
2775Angus2Westwood with IfordBoA
2776Wesley2Westwood with IfordBoA,
2777Daisy2Westwood with IfordBoA,
2778Millie2Westwood with IfordBoA,
2779Arlo2Westwood with IfordBoA,
2780Jessica2Westwood with IfordBoA,
2781Albie2Westwood with IfordBoA,
2782Harriet1Westwood with IfordBoA,
2783Emily2Westwood with IfordBoA,
2784Ben1Westwood with IfordBoA,
2785Oliver2Westwood with IfordBoA,
2786Heath1Westwood with IfordBoA,
2787Willa1Westwood with IfordBoA,
2789Dylan1Westwood with IfordBoA,
2790Alice2Westwood with IfordBoA,
2791Benedict2Westwood with IfordBoA,
2792Ros1Westwood with IfordBoA,
2793Olly2Westwood with IfordBoA,
2794Eleanor1Westwood with IfordBoA,
2795Megan2Westwood with IfordBoA,
2773QueenieYear 2Ashton under
 ID Name Year School Location LinkEditDelete

One thought on “Prompt #8

  1. The busy roadside stand was bustling with weary travelers heading west. There were families, and workers all working together to get a beat up lorry back on the road. It was wonderful to see all kinds of people, who don’t even know each other, come together to help and get something done. If we could live like this all the time, there would be no hate, no wars, no avoidable misunderstandings. I wish our lives could always be like this, people always helping others, people being kind because it is the right thing to do, accepting what makes us unique.

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