Prompt #7

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Welcome to the first prompt of 2017! Let’s make this the best year so far for 5 Sentence Challenge!

Over the holidays various things have been done to the ‘back office’ of 5SC so hopefully it will be more slick and efficient for you.

Getting a showcase

Some of the posts that I have read have been really super and I’m sure you have found some too. Let’s get a showcase going!

To do that, you just send me the name and ID number (found on the far left column of the list). That’s it!


Setting the prompt

As we get into the year, you and your class may like to set the prompt one week. Do get in touch if you have some ideas. It would be great to involve the children more in what they write about.


Global links

Towards the end of last, I invited you to sign up to be connected to other classes to share your commenting. It is in it’s early days but if you would like to be linked, please fill out this short form 


Latest prompt

The first prompt of 2017 is:


Things to think about:

  • Presents that you had that you will now be using
  • Different topics in your lessons
  • What is the new season like?
  • Are you doing anything new with your friends?

For older students:

  • What are you hoping to achieve in the new year?

The form will close on 21st January

Sorry, you need to log in to enter the 5 Sentence Challenge. Login at or sign up at

 ID Name Year School Location LinkEditDelete
2759Benedict2Westwood with IfordWestwood,
2758Megan2Westwood with IfordWestwood,
2757Oliver2Westwood with IfordWestwood,
2756Willa1Westwood with IfordWestwood,
2755Harriet1Westwood with IfordWestwood,
2754Alice2Westwood with IfordWestwood,
2753Arlo2Westwood with IfordWestwood,
2752Heath1Westwood with IfordWestwood,
2751Angus2Westwood with IfordWestwood,
2750Ros1Westwood with IfordWestwood,
2749Aarron2Westwood with IfordWestwood,
2748Eleanor1Westwood with IfordWestwood,
2747Ben1Westwood with IfordWestwood,
2746Theo2Westwood with IfordWestwood,
2745Emily2Westwood with IfordWestwood,
2744Daisy2Westwood with IfordWestwood,
2743Wesley2Westwood with IfordWestwood,
2742Jessica2Westwood with IfordWestwood,
2741Millie2Westwood with IfordWestwood,
 ID Name Year School Location LinkEditDelete

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