Prompt #4

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5 Sentence Challenge

Make sure you think carefully of how to describe what you see. What do you feel? What will you smell? Is it a shop you would like to visit?

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 ID Name Year School Location LinkEditDelete
2701MollyGr. 2Archie StoufferMinden Ontario
2700KayleeGr. 2Archir StoufferMinden Ontario
2699LandonGr. 2Archie StoufferMinden Ontario
2698DominicGr. 2Archie StoufferMinden Ontario
2697JaceGr. 2Archie StoufferMinden Ontario
2696LenoxGr. 2Archie StoufferMinden Ontario
2695MicahGr. 2Archie StoufferMinden Ontario
2694HaileyGr. 2Archie StoufferMinden Ontario
2693JaydenGr. 2Archie StoufferMinden Ontario
2692PaytonGr. 2Archie StoufferMinden Ontario
2691ChristinaGr. 2Archie StoufferMinden Ontario
2690EmmettGr. 2Archie StoufferMinden Ontario
2689FallonGrade 2Archie StoufferMinden Ontario
2688NokiaYear 5HHISHua Hin,
2687Georgianayear 2Kings Monkton
2686Aimeeyear 2Kings Monkton
2685Badryear 2Kings Monkton
2684Isabelleyear 2Kings Monkton
2683Lydiayear 2Kings Monkton
2682Imogenyear 2Kings Monkton
2677Tilly and IslaYear 2Holy Trinity
2676Frankie and LukeYear 2Holy Trinity
2675Lilli and Cameron2Holy Trinity
2674Taylor and Isabel2Holy Trinity
2673George and Emma2Holy Trinity
2672AliceYear 2Holy Trinity
 ID Name Year School Location LinkEditDelete

3 thoughts on “Prompt #4

  1. Really sorry Gr.2 Archie Stouffer School in Canada, I was only able to read one of your pupil’s sentences, my computer would not let me see the other ones. I did manage to see Landon’s so I left a comment there. Nice work!

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