Prompt #3

Exciting news!

From January, 100 Word Challenge will be moving to every two weeks, just like this challenge is. That means that there will be a word challenge EVERY week for you to look at.

This challenge is for EMERGING writers of course!

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Latest prompt

This time the prompt is CHANGING SEASONS

Now depending where you are your season maybe:

    • autumn with the leaves changing colour
    • Spring with lots of flowers
    • the beginning of summer with hot weather arriving
    • almost winter with the cold.

Think about what it feels like when the seasons change. Do you have to wear different clothes? Do you eat different things? Do you do different activities?

The form will close on 29th October

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 ID Name Year School Location LinkEditDelete
2620Emily & Eleanor1/2Westwood with IfordBradford on Avon,
2621Alice, Wesley and Dylan1/2Westwood with IfordBradford on Avon,
2622Harriet and Daisy1/2Westwood with IfordBradford on Avon,
2623Ben and Albie1/2Westwood with IfordBradford on Avon,
2624Jessica and Millie1/2Westwood with IfordBradford on Avon,
2625Heath and Megan1/2Westwood with IfordBradford on Avon,
2626Aarron and Willa1/2Westwood with IfordBradford on Avon,
2638Connor2Bidston Avenue Primary SchoolWirral,
2639Ella2Bidston Avenue Primary SchoolWirral,
2640Ellie2Bidston Avenue Primary SchoolWirral,
2641Callum2Bidston Avenue Primary SchoolWirral,
2642Madison2Bidston Avenue Primary SchoolWirral,
2643Paisley2Bidston Avenue Primary SchoolWirral,
2644Cohen2Bidston Avenue Primary SchoolWirral,
2629Luyanda & Oliwia3Corby Primary AcademyCorby,
2630Gordon, Natalia & Tanya3Corby Primary AcademyCorby,
2631Ella & Ryan3Corby Primary AcademyCorby,
2632Dylan & Tomi3Corby Primary AcademyCorby,
2633Tabby & William3Corby Primary AcademyCorby,
2634April & Emilia3Corby Primary AcademyCorby,
2627Thistle ClassReception/Y1Westwood with IfordBradford on Avon,
2613VeronicaReception/year1Friday Bridge
2652RaphaelYear 5HHISHua Hin,
2653ArisaYear 5HHISHua Hin,
2654MimiYear 5HHISHua Hin,
2655SamYear 5HHISHua Hin,
2656FahsaiYear 5HHISHua Hin,
2657SophieYear 5HHISHua Hin,
2658NonYear 5HHISHua Hin,
 ID Name Year School Location LinkEditDelete

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