Prompt #12

Exciting news coming!

Over the summer holidays (if not sooner!) you will see some changes to 5 Sentence Challenge. We are hoping to make it more like it’s big sister 100 Word Challenge so do look out for the emails.

Getting comments

If you would like to get more comments and make connections with other classes, fill out the Global Links form. You will be linked with another class that takes part in 5SC and you can share your learning as well as comment on posts.

Get a friend involved

We need lots of folks commenting on 5SC so do encourage friends and family to sign up HERE

Latest prompt

Here in the UK, it looks like the summer is on its way. I know some of you are getting ready for the winter so take a break from the cold and write about this prompt:


The form will close on 1st June

Sorry. This form is no longer available.

 Entry ID  Year School Location LinkEdit EntryDelete Entry
2554Year 2Holy Trinity Primary
2553Year 2Holy Trinity Primary
2552Year 2Holy Trinity Primary
2551Year 2Holy Trinity Primary
2550Year 2Holy Trinity Primary
2549Year 2Holy Trinity Primary
2548Year 2Holy Trinity Primary
2547Year 2Holy Trinity Primary
25458karori normalWellington, New
25444thSt. Mark's SNSTallaght,
25434thSt. Mark's SNSTallaght,
25424thSt. Mark's SNSTallaght,
25407karori normalwellington, new
2539Year 2Waniora
2538Year 2Waniora
2537Year 2Waniora
2536Year 2Waniora
2535Year 2Waniora
2534Year 2Waniora
2533Year 1Waniora
2532Year 2Waniora
2531Year 1Waniora
2530Year 1Waniora
2529Year 2Waniora
2528Year 1Waniora
2527Year 2Waniora
2526Year 1Waniora
2517Year 3Ribble Drive
2516Year 3Ribble Drive
2506Year 2Holy Trinity Primary
 Entry ID  Year School Location LinkEdit EntryDelete Entry

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