Prompt #7 - Glitter Graphics

Welcome to a new year of 5 Sentence Challenge!

I hope you had a lovely holiday and are now ready to share your writing. This week we have a colourful picture.

5 Sentence Challenge

  • Look closely at the picture and think about all the colours you can see.
  • What is there in this picture apart from boats?
  • What sort of boats do you think they are?


Do try to support each other by visiting posts and leaving a comment. Tell the author how much you enjoyed they work and if you can, give some positive suggestions for improvements.

The link will be open untilĀ 20th January

REMEMBER this challenge is for EMERGING writers only!

3 thoughts on “Prompt #7

  1. There are colorful houses and pebbles and the boats are fishing boats.
    The boats are in the harbor and tied has gone out.
    There are flags in the background and they are blowing in the wind.
    The houses are really close together and they are on the hill.
    The boats are on the shore with the ropes attched to the rings.

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