Prompt #1


It seems like ages since we were all together sharing the 5 Sentence Challenge. This year it will look a little different but it is still on this site and has not moved like 100 Word Challenge.

Before you go any further please fill out the NEW Sign Up Form

The difference is in the way you link your posts. Hopefully these screen shots will explain it but do ask any questions you have either in the comments below or through the contact form.

1. Scroll to the bottom of the page & ‘Click to Enter’


2. This will take you to this page:


Name – christian name / nick name of writer

Post URL – not the blog but the post

3. Click ‘Enter’ and your post will appear of this page in the grid.

Now to the prompt.

Geese 5SC #1

Get the children to look really carefully at the picture to select the content of their 5 sentences. If this is your first visit and you are not sure what it is all about please read ‘What is 5SC?’ and do ask any questions you may have.

The link will close on 30th September which gives you 2 weeks to enter. It would be really wonderful if you could comment on some of the entries and find someone to help.

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