Showcase #1

Well done everyone who is in our first showcase! Get in touch for your Special Showcase badge and certificate!

Lauren in 2nd Grade McDole Elementary School, Illinios, USA

Siyona in Yr.2 at Kings Monkton, Cardiff, Wales

Rose in Yr.2 at Bangkok Patna School, Thailand

Niamh in Yr.3 at Shield Row, County Durham UK

Kaitlin in Yr.2 at Bangkok Patna School, Thailand

Ezekeil at Umina Public School, NSW, Australia

Sydney in 2nd Grade at McDole Elementary School, Illinois, USA

Zachary in Yr.2 at Kingsmonkton, Cardiff, Wales

Brilliant work everyone!

One thought on “Showcase #1

  1. My students, Lauren and Sydney were so excited to get showcased. Will you send us the certificate and badge please. They would love that. Thanks so much. We are having such fun with the 5SC.

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