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Welcome to the 5 Sentence Challenge! This is a weekly challenge for EMERGING WRITERS only. It is where they can practice their creative writing with an extended audience. Please read ‘How to enter the challenges’ before you start. If the pieces are not linked correctly, our young writers will not get any comments 🙁

The first prompt of this year is this picture. Have a good look at it and see all the things that are happening. Make your sentences as exciting as possible and don;’t forget the full stops and capital letters!

The form will close on 17th September

Please fill in your details below to take part in this week’s challenge!

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5 thoughts on “Prompt#1

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  1. Hi Julia,
    I signed my class up to do the 5SC and my mom, a retired 3rd grade teacher, to be a commentor. She got the email from you with the kids posts about prompt one, but is unsure how to figure out which ones she is to comment on. My students did not have any entries to prompt one. Is that why she couldn’t find the ones to comment on? Please help. Jen

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