Last Showcase!

Only a few entries for the last prompts so just a few for the showcase. Thank you all for your support this year! don’t forget to claim your badge and certificate!

Honey in Yr. 2 at Bidston Avenue, Wirral, UK

Liam in Yr.1 at High Lawn School, Bolton, UK

Heidi in Yr.2 at Bidston Avenue, Wirral, UK

Muniba in Yr.3 at St Mary’s and St Peter’s School, Bradfod, UK

Ruby in Yr. 2 at Stickney School, Lincolnshire, UK

Harry in Yr.2 at Bidston Avenue, Wirral, UK

Sana in Yr.3 at St Marys & St Peters School, Bradford, UK

Brilliant writing everyone!

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