Prompt #8

Welcome to the first prompt of 2014!

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Showcase from Prompt #8

Kadie in Yr. 1 at St Bedes School, Bolton, UK (audio)

Emily in Yr.1 at St Bede’s School, Bolton, UK

Isla in Yr.1 at Northburn School, Cramlington, UK 

Zak in Yr.2 at Shenfield St Marys, Essex, UK

Tynmac in Gr 3 at Lanigan School, Saskatchewan, Canada 

Daragh in First Class at St Joseph’s School, Kinvara, Co Galway, Ireland

Alexa in 6yoc at QSI International School, Sarajevo

Conor in Yr.2 at Potton Lower School, Bedfordshire, UK 

Naomi at CHIJ, Singapore

Well done everyone. Don’t forget to get in touch for a Special Showcase badge!


We start this new year with a picture. What do you think the girl is thinking / feeling / wishing?

Make sure you remember your capital letters and full stops and make your 5 sentences the best you can!


The link will be open until 22nd January
photo credit: Nanagyei via photopin cc

3 thoughts on “Prompt #8

  1. I just commented on all the suggested student 5 sentence challenges. Was a delight to see the world through little people’s eyes especially at Christmas time.

    I really look forward to my students getting back to school now so I can get them to participate in their own 5 sentence challenges. What fun! And having a global audience makes it all the more purposeful for them to write (particularly reluctant writers).

    For those of you who don’t know me, please check out my very first class blog. The students are on holidays still, I’m not sure who is more excited to get back to school, them or me… thinking me!

    Jasmine Shannon
    [email protected]

    • Hi Jasmine,
      We meet again–yet another connection. Isn’t global collaboration amazing? Looking forward to see your kids work here.
      The Phoenix School

      • Hi Betsey!
        I can tell 2014 if going to be filled with learning for me! I’m thrilled I am starting to network via GlobalEd and make ‘friends’ in the new projects I am taking up. Stay in touch, I could learn a lot from you!

        Can wait for my kids to get back to school and start on this project!

        kindest regards,
        Jasmine Shannon

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