Prompt #17

We had some wonderful pieces of writing for the animation film! Thank you all so much for working so hard. Here are a few for the showcase. Don’t forget to get in touch if you would like a Special Showcase badge!

Liam in Yr.1 at Stickney Primary, Boston, Lincs, UK

Claire in Yr.2 at Brunswick House School, Kent, UK

Jonah in Yr.1 at Shenfield St Mary’s, Essex, UK

Katy in KS1 at Northburn School, Cramlington, Northumberland, UK

Usha in Yr.2 at Bangkok Patna School

Archie in Yr.1 at Stickney School, Lincs, UK

Katie in Yr.1 at High Lawn Primary, Bolton, UK

The prompt this time is:

….Hidden Treasure….

As always you are to write 5 sentences about this. Don’t forget the capital letters and full stops! The link will stay open untilĀ 19th June

One thought on “Prompt #17

  1. luacas i loved the sentence when you said there was a secret door it was cool when you said the tresher appered in your hands

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