Andy Parkin, Bangkok Patana

The children in my class love the challenges.  It has certainly been embraced by the parents of the children.  I use the entries that my children and others make as an activity in my guided reading carousel.  The children love responding to other children’s writing, I feel it is a powerful skill, made even better by it being a 21st century learning skill.  The parents really enjoy seeing their children’s writing posted on my blog and happily comment on the writing of other children too.  It has made them realise that a few simple words of encouragement, go along way!
I have a lot of EAL children, being an international  school, I have found that the 5SC has helped break down so many vocabulary barriers and has sparked so many conversations in class. Some of the pictures you post are very alien to Asian children, many have never seen a traditional UK seaside resort, meaning I have to spend some time talking the children through “what they can see.”  this in itself further enriches their vocabulary.  The number of 5SC word banks I have created is endless!!
Thanks for everything!

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