Prompt #7

 This is the last prompt for 2012! Thank you all for all your hard work and excellent writing! I do hope you will come back in January for more great prompts!

********** Prompt #6 SHOWCASE **********

Lucy in Year 2 at Kings Monkton, Cardiff 

Jude in Year 2 at Brunswick House


 Layla in Grade 5 mustangs, Cananda


 Emma in Year 1 at Daveyhulme School,


Ginger in Year 2 at St Andrews CEVC


Maya in F1/2 at Charles R Beaudoin, Ontario



You will all be going on holiday soon and it is that festive time of year so I want you to tell me what you think is in this bag! It has a Christmas picture on it but it may not be for Christmas.

As usual you must write 5 sentences, remembering to put full stops and capital letters in.

As schools will be closing the link will only be open until 21st December!

Glitter Text -

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