Prompt #13

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New look blog

Do you like the new look here? We hope that it is keeping with its big brother 100 Word Challenge which you can find HERE

Don’t forget – this challenge is for EMERGING WRITERS ONLY


When we have more entries, we will start to chose some to go on the showcase. Those chosen will get a certificate and badge for their blog!

Free blogs

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Latest prompt

This time we have a picture.

blue coach

Things to think about:

  • What can you see? Look closely!
  • Where is the bus going?
  • Who are the people getting on the bus?
  • What sort of place is this? A town, village, city?

The form will close on 15th June

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Prompt #12

Exciting news coming!

Over the summer holidays (if not sooner!) you will see some changes to 5 Sentence Challenge. We are hoping to make it more like it’s big sister 100 Word Challenge so do look out for the emails.

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Latest prompt

Here in the UK, it looks like the summer is on its way. I know some of you are getting ready for the winter so take a break from the cold and write about this prompt:


The form will close on 1st June

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