Prompt #3

Exciting news!

From January, 100 Word Challenge will be moving to every two weeks, just like this challenge is. That means that there will be a word challenge EVERY week for you to look at.

This challenge is for EMERGING writers of course!

Newsletter mystery

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Latest prompt

This time the prompt is CHANGING SEASONS

Now depending where you are your season maybe:

  • autumn with the leaves changing colour
  • Spring with lots of flowers
  • the beginning of summer with hot weather arriving
  • almost winter with the cold.

Think about what it feels like when the seasons change. Do you have to wear different clothes? Do you eat different things? Do you do different activities?

The form will close on 29th October

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Week #2

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Latest prompt

The latest prompt for you to think about is this picture.

Look closely at all the things going on. what will you choose to write your 5 sentences about?

5 Sentence Challenge - week#2

Things to think about:

  • Look at the people. What jobs do they have?
  • What is in the sky?
  • What time in history is it?
  • What noises could you hear?
  • How would you feel if you were that boy?

The form will close on 15th October

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